Postdoc Position (Development of a novel Approach to time-resolved Cryo-EM imaging)

''It is time for structural biologists to embrace the challenge of quantitatively describing functional energy landscapes’’ (Dorothee Kern). If this resonates with you and you are passionate about combining new technology and biology, join the adventure.


We are hiring a Cluster-of-Excellence-funded postdoc to work on the development of a novel approach to time-resolved cryo-EM imaging by combining XFEL based sample delivery technologies with vitrification of proteins in action. Your primary focus lies on the development and testing of the experimental set-up, simulation of the vitrification process, and the characterisation of vitrified biological specimen by cryo-EM. Further information on the position can be found here:

Deadline is 23rd of January.
The project is highly collaborative and supported through the expertise of different groups on DESY / Hamburg-Bahrenfeld Campus including Sasa Bajt, Henry Chapman, Kay Grünewald, Jochen Küpper, Thomas Marlovits, and Alke Meents. You will get access to various sample delivery infrastructures (nozzle fabrication), workshops, macromolecular complexes and the CryoEM Facility at CSSB Hamburg for sample characterisation. The facility hosts three high-end microscopes including 2 Titan Krios (K3, energy filter) and one Talos Arctica (Falcon 3), various peripheral equipment and a dedicated room for prototyping.

The postdoc position comes initially with a two-year contract with a competitive salary, and the opportunity to live and work in the free and hanseatic city of Hamburg. The successful candidate will become a fellow of the Cluster ‘Advanced Imaging of Matter’ (CUI) and will receive additional training, infrastructure access and mentorship support as required. The position will be based at CSSB on the vibrant DESY campus (Notkestr.85, 22761 Hamburg, Germany).

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To apply, please send your application with the title "Application Jetfreezing" including a CV, cover letter and contact details of two referees via email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.