Our Mission

X-ray lasers provide snapshots of unprecedented clarity depicting the building blocks of life. The motions and arrangements of these blocks underlie all biological function.

 The mission of the National Science Foundation BioXFEL Science and Technology Center is:

  • To watch biomolecular machines at work, using X-ray lasers to better understand how life works at the molecular levels.
  • To understand how these molecular machines support life on earth.
  • To invent, discover, develop and provide new tools and training for doing so for the wider scientific community.

Utilizing the capabilities of X-ray free electron lasers, we will work to develop the tools and software applications needed to expand this knowledge outward.

These applications will be applied to a wide range of scientific inquiry, including the studies of photosynthesis, enzyme function at the atomic level and drug-delivery proteins.

The first electron free laser (XFEL), the LCLS at SLAC, started operation in 2009. Currently, several exist worldwide and all will be used by BioXFEL and its collaborators.

The BioXFEL Strategic Plan can be downloaded here.

Our work will enhance our understanding of molecular machines.

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