BioXFEL Scholar Education Programs

BioXFEL Scholar Programs

BioXFEL generates and manages a customized set of educational programming that is is designed to supplement the existing curriculum at our participating Universities. The education program includes several scientific and professional development initiatives that have been designed by our Scholars and the BioXFEL Education and Diversity Committee. A complete list of the initiatives can be found below.

Registered BioXFEL Scholars have access to ALL of our Education Initiatives:

  1. The BioXFEL Cross-Training Scholarship for Graduate Students
  2. Support for External Conferences and Professional Development Events
  3. Travel assistance for our Annual International Conferences
  4. Our Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  5. Inclusion in all BioXFEL sponsored workshops, seminars and events
  6. Professional Development Events and Activities
  7. Unique Teaching and Mentoring Opportunities
  8. Our Scientific Leadership Development Program


BioXFEL Education Timeline

The new BioXFEL education program uses a progressive pipeline that supports the development of our developing scientists. Initiatives are created for each phase of the Scholars development to assist with their career progression. BioXFEL Scholars receive 'credits' for their participation in Education Activities and can 'graduate' from the BioXFEL Education program once they receive enough credits. To view the members and progress for our BioXFEL Scholars, see our BioXFEL Tracking System.

If you would like to make recommendations for future events or activities, please send them to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please keep us updated on your career progress by using our Online Tracking Form