Funding Opportunities

BioXFEL is committed to helping students in STEM apply for as many funding opportunities as possible. Please see below for funding opportunities available for eligible students:


Undergraduate Students   


Graduate Students


Postdoctoral Associates



General Student Resources:

Pathways to Science has many resources available, including the following: 

This webinar recording features Dr. Joerg Schlatterer with the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and Dr. Brandon Jones, with the EPA fellowship programs. This is a great resource for independent study or group discussion.  Students can view the webinar recording and associated professional development handouts.  
We often get questions from students who are nervous about approaching potential recommenders for letters. This handout helps prepare undergraduate students to get strong letters for their graduate application packages.
This handout provides tips on preparing successful graduate fellowship applications.
This piece provides you with great information that can make your application to a program stand out in the best possible way. 

~ Student Information Form
Complete and submit form to stay updated of NASA and NSF funding opportunities and new programs, and to make your contact information available to those programs. 

For more information on additional opportunities, please contact the Fellowship and Scholarship office at your home institution. Most Universities provide this service to their students at no cost and can assist with writing and submitting the necessary paperwork.