Museum Partners

The NSF BioXFEL STC has partnered with museums to grow public knowledge and understanding of XFEL science. Our collaborative programs reach students, educators and the general public. Through our combined efforts we offer lectures, workshops and soon, a rotating exhibit.

The Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center has hosted the BioXFEL Center for one of it Adult's Night Out speaker series. Soon to be on display is a lobby exhibit case including video and images of XFEL science and much more. With more than 164,000 square-feet of space, of which 98,000 is dedicated to the exploration of guests, their learning opportunities and services include outreach programs, focused field trips, camps, classes, to-the-moon and beyond presentation in the Dorrance Planetarium, immersive shows in the 5-story IMAX® Theater and featured exhibitions.To learn about their upcoming programs, click here.


Buffalo Museum of ScienceThe Buffalo Museum of Science is currently working with the BioXFEL Center to build a permanent installation on XFEL Science in their ‘Our Marvelous Earth’ venue. Our BioXFEL science exhibit includes graphical information, interactive videos, quizzes and even an XFEL game. The museum works with the Center to program XFEL science into its Science Cafes for visitors as well as professional development opportunities for educators.  The BSM has an extensive collection of over 700,000 specimens and artifacts representing all facets of the natural world with an emphasis on Western New York as well as man-made objects spanning the globe. To learn about their upcoming programs, click here. The exhibit will also be recreated for additional locations across the country.