BioXFEL Scholars

BioXFEL scholars are defined as Graduate students or postdoctoral associates that are working in a lab funded in part by BioXFEL. The scholar does not need to be directly supported by the Center, but should be working on a project related to XFEL science. BioXFEL Graduate Students and Postdocs must submit an application and complete the necessary requirements in order to gain the full benefits of being a BioXFEL Scholar (see below). This form will be used to help you determine your eligibility and direct you through the brief application process. This is not required for all BioXFEL participants or ABYS members, it is only for those who expect to receive reimbursement, stipends or other financial support from the BioXFEL STC.

Why Apply?
- Graduate students and Postdocs will no longer be eligible for travel reimbursement unless they are official BioXFEL Scholars
- The application process will allow the Center to better determine the participation levels of each student and postdoc.
- Creation of an official BioXFEL Scholar group helps the Center to monitor and enhance the experiences of our young scientists.

Benefits of becoming a BioXFEL scholar?
- Reimbursement for travel to BioXFEL funded events (Annual Conference, Workshops, etc.)
- Inclusion in our Individual Development Plan (IDP) Program
- Access to additional scholarships such as the Postdoc Scholarship Award and the NEW graduate student cross-training initiative
- Elite Status

Application Process

1. Fill out the application form HERE

2. Complete all sections of the IDP survey HERE

3. Send the IDP completion certificate to and forward the IDP results to your mentor.

All Data will be kept confidential. Scholars are expected to meet with their IDP mentors independently and on a regular basis.

Registered BioXFEL Scholars have access to many resources, including:

  1. The BioXFEL Cross-Training Scholarship for Graduate Students
  2. Support for External Conferences and Professional Development Events
  3. Travel assistance for our Annual International Conferences
  4. Our Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  5. Scientific Leadership Development program
  6. Inclusion in all BioXFEL sponsored workshops, seminars and events
  7. Professional Development Events and Activities
  8. Unique Teaching and Mentoring Opportunities

See our Education Programs page for a complete list of available initiatives and programs.


If you are a current or former scholar, please keep us updated on your current status.