BioXFEL Crystallization Workshop 2021

BioXFEL will be sponsoring a remote Crystallization Workshop Friday, April 2nd, 2021.

The workshop will feature both introductory and specialized topics dealing with the crystallization of biological macromolecules and will cover techniques commonly employed in modern structural biology. The workshop will include mix of lectures and virtual demonstrations delivered by BioXFEL staff and Scholars.

Please click on the link below to register. You will and receive a Zoom meeting access code two days before the event.

Friday, April 2nd 2021
10 AM EDT Welcome and Opening Remarks
Introduction to Crystallization
10:15 AM EDT Fundamentals of Macromolecular Crystallization – Dr. Diana Monteiro
Overview of crystallization theory and processes involved in biomolecule crystallization.  
11:15 AM EDT Macromolecular Crystallization Techniques – Dr. Jose Olmos
Summary of the common techniques used to promote crystallization of proteins and other biomolecules
12:15 PM EDT Break
Special Topics in Crystallization
 1:00 PM EDT High throughput Screening and Optimization - Dr. Sarah Bowman
An overview of the HWI crystallization screening Center – How to submit samples, view results, and optimize hits.
 1:30 PM EDT Membrane Protein Crystallization – Zina Al-Sahouri
Special considerations for crystallization of membrane proteins
 2:00 PM EDT Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Crystallization – Dr. Benjamin Stauch
Setup, screening and optimization of protein crystals in LCP
 2:30 PM EDT Break
 2:45 PM EDT Protein/DNA Complexes and Co-Crystallization – Dr. Bill Bauer
 3:15 PM EDT Macromolecular Crystal Applications and Summary
 3:45 PM EDT Break - Complete Survey
 4:00 PM EDT Discussion Panel – Dr. Bauer, Dr. Bowman, Dr. Diana Monteiro, Dr. Jose Olmos
Bring your questions and current challenges in crystallization