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    University at Buffalo

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    University / College Staff

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    (716) 898-8675

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    Dr. Thomas Grant
    Hauptman-Woodward Institute
    700 Ellicott Street
    Buffalo, New York 14203

  • Biography

    Dr. Grant is currently a Staff Scientist at the University at Buffalo. In addition to being an X-ray crystallographer, he is developing new techniques to analyze SAXS data from solutions of biological macromolecules. Dr. Grant earned his Bachelors of Science in Mathematical Physics in 2007 at the University at Buffalo and went on to earn his Ph.D. in Structural Biology at the Hauptman-Woodward Institute under his advisor Dr. Edward Snell in 2013. Dr. Grant’s doctoral research resulted in one of the first ever structural models of a full-length eukaryotic tRNA synthetase bound to tRNA, an enzyme essential to the process of protein synthesis in cells. For his work he was awarded the 2013 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Dissertation. Dr. Grant continued as a post-doctoral associate in Dr. Snell’s lab for one year while developing new methods of analyzing SAXS data and earned the 2013 Sidhu Award for his contributions to the science of X-ray diffraction. Dr. Grant is currently co-authoring a book with BioXFEL Director Ed Lattman and investigator Eddie Snell. As part of the BioXFEL Center, Dr. Grant analyzes serial crystallography data for many different BioXFEL projects, helps to develop software for the analysis of XFEL data, develops methods of analysis of the unique solution scattering patterns that are produced by XFEL experiments, and participates in designing and organizing the curriculum for BioXFEL students and postdocs in addition to other administrative duties.

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