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    Marc Messerschmidt
    Assoc Research Professor
    School of Molecular Sciences & Biodesign Center for Applied Structural Discovery
    Tempe, AZ

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    Dr. Messerschmidt studied chemistry and received his PhD from the crystallography department in 2004 at the Free University Berlin, Germany. He spent 2 years of postdoctoral studies at the University in Buffalo, NY working on time resolved diffraction experiments. He then joined DESY, Hamburg as a research scientist to participating in experimental design and early commissioning of the LCLS in Stanford from 2006 to 2009.

    In 2009 Dr. Messerschmidt became an experimental staff scientist at SLAC, Stanford working with the LCLS. There, he participated in the commissioning and first experiments in several of the just built end stations. Furthermore he led the LCLS data analysis group for 2 years before working as the beamline scientist at the CXI endstation. Since July 2018, he leads the development of the X-ray instrumentation at the Compact X-ray Light Source at the Biodesign Institute of Arizona State University.

    Dr. Messerschmidt has participated in experiments ranging from high field physics, surface science and crystallography amongst others, and in addtion has led the protein crystal screening program at LCLS from the start. He has authored and coauthored more than 100 publications in scientific journals.

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