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    Arizona State University, Ros Lab, 2016

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    Jorvani Cruz Villarreal began her research career with us as a BioXFEL intern in the summer of 2016 in Dr. Alexandra Ros’s Lab at ASU. Prior to working with BioXFEL, Jorvani developed an interest in microfluidics during a research internship in 2014 at Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico) at the BioMEMs Lab Sensors and Devices Division. The following summer, she participated in a summer internship at Ryerson University (Canada) in microfluidics and then joined the BioXFEL internship program in 2016. After a positive summer experience, Jorvani applied to the ASU graduate program and was accepted into the Molecular Science Department to continue her work in the Ros lab. She is now developing new microfluidics methods for optimized sample delivery in serial femtosecond x-ray crystallography (SFX). Jorvani attributes her involvement with the BioXFEL STC to her decision to pursue a career in microfluidics and stay involved in XFEL projects.

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