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  • Created 13 Feb, 2014

About the Group

The Wierstall Group hopes to develop new and improved injector designs for single particle imaging, as well as for nanocrystal experiments. The single particle injector design has to improve on the poor hit rate of existing designs and evaporate the water surrounding the particles completely, but gently enough to not damage the molecules. Work on the nanocrystal injectors has the goal to reduce the sample waste of current injectors, i.e., by using higher viscosity liquids or pulsing the jet. Work will also begin on making injection nozzles more reproducible, by i.e., mass fabrication with lithography techniques. All new designs will be inspired by the experimental demands of the BioXFEL community and will be implemented during beamtimes at XFELs with the BioXFEL Center. http://www.public.asu.edu/~weier/ASU_site/Home.html